5 Best Reloading Scales

Growing up I’ve always wondered about why did we even have chemistry practicals back in school. Everything seemed so pointless. From measuring the chemicals in a measuring flask to measuring the powders of various colors in the weighing machine, it was all a big task for me. It had left me wondering for quite a long time about, “why is the world so obsessed with accuracy”. But as every plight and quest comes to an end, i had found the answer to my quest quite the harder way. One day our group was trying to make “an invention” using some acid and a powdered compound, the practical manual stated that the powder has to be taken in a ratio of 1:4, but being one the “most obedient” bunch, we decided to do the exact opposite and took some bizarre ratio of the powder. Well, then the most usual happened. The flask broke and the glass cut through our palms and then what happened in the little session with our teacher, the lab attendant, and us is history. I know you all must be wondering about why did i narrate this little incident and that it seems irrelevant to discuss personal life in such articles. However, here is the significance of the incident, that, that very day my teacher had taught me to use the weighing machine and i found it absolutely rubbish to use any such thing and thought that the powder can be measured manually by us too. Well, i was wrong, that was the day, after our little experiment, i came to know that when it comes to the powders which are explosive in nature with or without any medium, their accuracy and precision is the prime preference that we should keep in mind while working on them, which brings us to our first relevant point, that is, what exactly are weighing scales?

Weighing scales are the object that helps us to measure and weigh anything in a very precise manner. Weighing anything before it is being used is without any doubt a fundamental step towards increasing the consistency of a product that is being produced. It is important because producing an accurate product would surely satisfy the needs of your buyer and hence, measuring is a very important factor to maintain the balance. However, weighing balances may come by different names and utilities, but everything that needs to be measured into a specific quantity is weighed in a weighing scale. They are available in a wide range of weighing options and sizes and are considered one of the most essential working tools in various places such as laboratories (to measure compounds), kitchen (to weigh food and ingredients), and medical shops and pharmaceutical firms to name a few among all. 

The working mechanism of a balance is that it works on restoration force, which means that when any mass is put upon the weight for measurement, the force works back on the mass and a precise figure depicting the weight of the object/mass is generated. 

A weighing scale is typically used for tasks like quality control tests, analytical measurements, weighing tests, sampling of materials, determination of densities, analyzing the purity of any substance. 

However, a reloading scale is used to measure cases, bullets, and powders needed in ammunition. The working principle of these devices is nothing different than any other weighing scale except the fact that it is typically used for measuring ammunition objects such as powders, cases. 

Benefits Of Using A Reloading Scale

  • The accuracy in the weight of anything that is being measured will be maintained (and any casualties like a situation like mine can be avoided).
  • The versatility of the weighing scale can work as a multi-functional device as not only powders and cases but gems and stones can also be measured and weighed.
  • The devices being very compact, they are portable and hence one can travel anywhere with them.
  •    The scales are very easy to use as the functions are totally controlled by a few buttons which are easy to understand. 

What to Look For When Purchasing a Reloading Scale? 

As we know that the build and design of every scale are different and hence one should know what features they are looking for on a measuring scale. Here are some of the basic features one should look for in the reloading scales. 

  • While looking for a reloading scale, the options for units of measurements should be the prime thing one should look for. Look out for the measuring options and if the options fulfils your basic need of buying the product then you are good to go. 
  • The accuracy level of the device is the next and the most important point one should keep in mind.
  • Then comes the ability of the product to hold the grains, look out for the number of grains the product can hold, and compare it with your working pattern.
  • Reading display, and durability comes after in the queue 

If all this is verified and tested “OK” by the user, then what are you even waiting for?  

Here are some of the best selling reloading scales that are available in the market.

Chargemaster Scale RCBS 98923

RCBS is known for producing the best reloading types of equipment that have been known for their precisions. The equipment comes with a chargemaster dispenser and a chargemaster 1500 scale. This product has proven it’s worth over the years by producing the results keeping the authenticity of the accuracy and precision of the mass that is being weighed on it.  The reloading scale does not need any further calibration and instead, the user can simply pour the smokeless powder and entire the desired charge. The dispenser and the 1500 scale come in two different pieces in the same combo. The calibration can simply be avoided by simply filling up the capacity hooper and then pressing the dispense button. 

The product comes with a user manual, power cord, and as mentioned above a chargemaster 1500 electronic scale and a chargemaster powder dispenser. 

The customers have rated this product 4.6 out of 5 and as per the reviews, the product seems to have gained a lot of trust among the users so far. 

The product weighs about 7 pounds and the dimensions ( in inches) is about 17*10*9’’. The rating for the value of money for the product is rated 4.4 out of 5 and the ease of use has always been reported in the feedbacks. However, one point that the users must know is that if the chargemaster product is kept in freezing conditions, then it should be warmed up to 20 minutes prior to its use. The product is reported to be a little bit time taking yet the ease of use and the results obtained would be worth every penny that has been spent on it.

Frankford Arsenal DS-750


For everyone using firearms or are interested in everything related to firearms, Frankford Arsenal is a household name for the. Frankford Arsenal is said to have produced the best materials and products that are related to firearms and ammunition. Starting from gun safes to reloading scales, it provides the state of the art products to its users. The DS-750 reloading scale is one of the specialties of this company as it is a mid-range reloading scale. The device is packaged into a shielding cover and the design of the device is very compact, and efficient. The device is said to be easy to use and its efficiency has always managed to be a talk of the town. Talking about the accuracy and precision of this product, the product’s design firmly conveys the hassle free usage of the reloading scales. The compact design of this very device has 5 buttons through which one can use and access the basic tare, it has a modern day digital scale and has a digital LCD display. The LCD display shows even the accurate readings that might be close to 0.02 gms. Due to its compact and small design, the capacity of the scale is a bit on the lower side, it can house up to 750 grain which means, 50 grams of weight is its maximum capacity.  The dimensions of this product (in inches) are around 4.6*9.7*1.9” and weighs just under 9 ounces. 

One little drawback that the users have faced with the product is that after taking one measurement, the pan needs to be lifted up and then only after some time it can be put onto the mounting stage in order to obtain an accurate scale of measurement. The device draws power by AAA batteries (2 AAA batteries are included with the device shipment). The scale is devised with a power saver that shuts the system off automatically after several minutes of inactivity. The device also has an automatic calibration system which allows the user to stay relaxed about any inefficient measurement reading. The powder pan is included with the product along with a bag for storage. The bag, however, has faced a bit of backlash with its review as it is stated to be a bit non-protective and can allow movement inside. The product has gained over 4.0 stars for its manufactured devices throughout.

Hornady 50108 Electronic Scale

Just like Frankford, Hornady too is a household name for those who are interested in firearms and ammunition. Those who have used the products of Hornady have never been disappointed about their purchase. Micrometers, calipers, measuring scales, gun safes are some of the products that Hornady has appointed master hands for crafting.  Among the queue of some of the most finely crafted tools, digital reloading scales are one of its specialties. And of all the reloading scales, Hornady 50108 stands out due to some of its advanced qualities. It uses the same precision load cell which is one of their finest equipment. This product has a maximum of 1500 grain capacity which is a very ideal weight for measuring a very large quantity of the materials that makes one complete ammunition. The scale has a digital backlit LCD display screen that runs through the front face of the device and this feature enables a quality display of the readings. This scale has been reviewed as one of the most efficient, accurate in terms of readings and measurements and durable. One peculiar reason that had caught my eye while looking for this device is that one of the customers rejected the device just because it looked extremely compact and its style was not trendy enough (but then, the world is somehow peculiar!). Coming to the segment where we discuss about the design and build of the product, the device has just four buttons to handle the entire operation, the on/off button, the calibration button, the unit button, and the zero button, which brings us to another function that almost every device ensuring accuracy face, the limitation would be that due to the device’s nature of giving accurate results, the zero can sometimes not be accurate but then that would not bring any major difference to the reading ( the error would be as good as negligible). 

The durable nature and build of the device are because of its bulkiness with the dimensions of 4.8*9.7.10 inches and this is one of the major features that keep this model in the race. The company manufacturing it has stated that the device has been tested “OK” only after putting it through very harsh laboratory and workshop conditions and that’s how they guarantee the product’s efficiency. Two calibration weights are present along with the device in the packaging itself and a pan. The voltage used by this device is around 220V. What’s more interesting is that the manufacturers give away the device to its users with a one year warranty which means that anything in the device that is not meeting the expectation, the company can fix it right away, all you have to do is contact them and report the problem. 

Therefore, when you talk about trust and building relations with customers, there is no second like the Hornady. 

Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale

Like all the above companies, Lyman is one of the companies that have the best selling hands in producing devices that concern the maintenance and better usage of firearms and ammunition. The Lyman micro-touch 1500 model is probably the tiniest measuring electronic scale that I’ve ever come across. But even with such a small and compact structure, micro-touch 1500 has to be one of the most powerful measuring scales that is available in the market. The small device, however, contains every such feature that a normal and comparatively larger device would have. The most interesting part about using this model is that it has a full touch screen control which makes the handling easier (because sometimes, the drawback with buttons is that they get damaged due to factors like temperature humidity and many such reasons and stops functioning, which leads to wastage of an entire product). Another boon that tags along with the product is, it can tag along with you wherever you go (literally) as the product is mobile and the user can load it on the go. The grain capacity for this product is around 1500 grains capacity to it’s fullest which means large quantities of ammunition can be measured. As per the ideal reloading accuracy scale, the required accuracy is one-tenth of a grain, and this is provided by this very device. The scale of the device can be switched and toggled between grains and grams frequently as per the requirement of the user that too using just one single button. One drawback that a user had reported was that the scale being on the inexpensive side, somewhere about time, the performance had suffered, and to be specific, the speed of the device had slowed down due to its extensive use. the problem reported was that with each set of measurements taken, the user had to wait for several minutes to obtain the results. P.S:- the accuracy of the device was nowhere compromised, the results were as accurate and apt as it is said to be. 

Coming on to the next discussion, the build, structure, and design of the device,  as the device, is very slim and compact the dimensions of the device are 3.25* 5.3* 1.2 inches. Above all, the stage in which the measuring pan is kept has a hard glass covering which is useful in two ways.

  • The hard glass cover helps in avoiding any sort of damage to the measuring stage and the sensors
  • The errors due to air resistance or any external factor are eliminated due to the glass cover. 

The glass weights as minimal as one pound and hence, there will be no “extra weight” that the users need to worry about.

Concluding with the product description, all i have to say is that this product will not make you regret the decision of purchasing a reloading like the one we discussed about.

Gemini – 20 Portable Milligram Scale

This device looks like every typical laboratory measuring scales that we’ve had in our schools and universities. The compact box-shaped measuring scale has a stage at the center and the LCD display screen under that. The product comes with two calibers along with the packing. The device is very flexible when it comes to its usage as not only the user can measure cases, powder, and bullets on it, but can also measure objects like stones and gems if they wish too. The value for money is the talk of the town about this product and it runs on AAA batteries. ( 2 AAA batteries are provided in the combo during your first purchase). The Gemini-20 can measure up to 380 grains per reading or 20 pounds at one go. The housing capacity of this device is a bit low because of tit’s small and compact structure but the boon of this very product is that the user gets to carry it along anywhere they wish to. The product comes along with a tray and a tweezer and a carry case as some of the basic accessories. The device absolutely ensures an accurate reading just like any other devices that we have discussed earlier, all you have to do is put the device onto an even platform and get the expected results. The next best thing about the Gemini-20 model is that it has a glass covering around the measuring stage which helps the device to refrain any sort of damage. When the user is measuring any object on the pan all they have to do is pour the object onto the pan and then cover the area with the glass cover to avoid and eliminate any external factor that might contribute to any sort of error in the reading (the accuracy of the result is ensured by the increment of 0.0001 gram). The weighing scales or units supported by this product other than the usual is: 

  • Grains 
  • Ounces 
  • Carats 

The platform of this device is made up of stainless steel which gives the device a lustrous look and adds up to its attractiveness. The operation of this device is controlled just by 4 buttons, the tare button, the mode button, the switch-off button, and the switch on button, and these buttons are separated from each other so that one does not, even by mistake, push the wrong button. 

So here were 5 best reloading scales that i have discussed and it’s not that these are the only reloading scales available in the market, yet these are the ones that are chosen to be among the best products. However, these products may come in various other shapes and sizes by the same company using a different model names, but these are the devices that have caught the best interests of the users. 

A reloading scale if maintained properly is indispensable and hence is durability is maintained for a long time regardless of what brand product is put into use.

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