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In the previous articles, I had discussed gun safes and how they are a perfect safe storage place for not only your firearms but also other valuables like your jewelry, important document papers, and many more such things. While discussing the gun safes there came a point in which we discussed the time when a very unfortunate event like a burglary would take place and how we can put into use the bedside nightstand gun safe inside which your safety firearm would be kept, but one thing that had struck my mind was, how would a person know where their valuables are kept inside the gun safes without disturbing the other items inside it? After some research, a solution popped up (after which I felt so stupid about myself because it was the obvious solution) a gun safe lighting, or in other words, we can say, we would light up the gun safes with light which can be dim or bright (as per the users’ wish) and here I am today to discuss the gun safe lighting ideas and as usual, I would always like to discuss the best options because investing into the smallest of the things should be worth it! (because money does not grow on trees).

And as usual, before moving on to the products, we would first see that why is gun safe lighting worth your investment and what good would it do except for just lighting up your gun safe.

now, let us take a  situation in which we see a car which has one of those high-performance mats with white and blue lighting on the outlines of those mats, they look exceptionally beautiful but then again, the car already has a light source, then why get these lights and invest in something not so useful? Here’s the deal with it, not only it adds up to the aesthetic and overall look of the car but the primary reason is, one cannot switch the car lights on for the whole trip, especially in night outs (because those yellow lights just ruin the driving mood, believe me!) but the primary reason they’re there is that one can always look for things ( which might have fallen down on the mat) or look for buttons on the car or use it in any way you want to.

Similarly with the gun safes, with the lighting provided, one can always just open the gun safe and look for the firearm or any other thing without depending on the light of your room. The best part about some of the lightings is that they would only be active when the gun safe is opened and then they switch themselves off, a mechanism called the motion sensor works upon them.

Now moving on to the part where one might want to decide about how to choose the perfect lighting for your gun safe so that it would look aesthetic and would be worth investing the money on:-

  • The lighting should be durable, which means, after some point of time (and after all the bragging that the seller did to make you purchase your “perfect” gun safe lighting) the lights or the little bulbs inside the lighting won’t fuse. They should go on for a long time that a lighting source can provide.
  • The lighting should not consume too much power (and adds up to the electricity bill)
  • The most important feature that I feel one should look for in a gun safe lighting is that the temperature of the lighting does not increase. What I mean to say is, some lights increase the temperature with time and make the gun safes hot, some bulbs of such lights get so hot that they blast. Now, we all know what happens to a gun when something around it blasts. It can cause a fatal hazard so I would suggest that it would be better to stay away from such inexpensive materials just for the sake of saving some bucks.
  • Then comes the product quality, while getting a gun safe lighting, always look for any manufacturing defect, look for electrical leaks or any dysfunctionality in the lighting and if you find any such thing, say no to the seller and do not hesitate to write a complaint about the product (basic consumer rights!).
  • The lighting, no matter what wattage you buy, should solve the purpose and not be uncomfortable or unpleasant to your eyes.
  • The installation of the lighting should be easy.

Moving on to discussing the products, (and i hope they will be utterly useful to at least get you a lead on your purchase),

Here are some of the best products available in the market for gun safe lightings.

Executive gun safe lightings: tactical grade American lights

with the highest rating of 4.8 out of 5, the customers have loved the lightings of this very manufacturers and they have all the reasons to be happy about thor purchase. The  2,250 tactical lumens size of the lighting which is made in the USA, the size of the LED light is 20 inches, and a total of  5 lightings are provided. The lighting has an automatic motion switch (has strong sensors and can detect movements in total darkness.) which means one does not have to worry about switching it on and off repeatedly after each use.

Executive Gun Safe

It  UL certified A/C power adapter that comes with a tru-fit guarantee and a lifetime warranty which includes fire and theft replacement. The product is manufactured by “light my safe” and the weight of the product is 14.8 ounces. One funny part about the material with which it is made is its name (sounds like some element used to make transformers and then shout “Autobots, assemble) and the name is Optical grade polycarbonate (the material it’s made of). The voltage used by this product is 12 v and wattage is 21.6. The cutting diameter of 0.5 inches. Fits into vaults of size 55 cubic feet. Basically, the switch type is a motion sensor.

The reviews by the customers are what make a product even more valuable and this very product has some of the best reviews and people are very satisfied with their purchase. The review says that the lighting lights up the gun safe just like they wanted it to be. Furthermore, the users said that the installation was very easy and they did not have to worry a bit about the lights falling as the adhesive was very strong, the LED  had white light just as shown in the picture and the 5 lights string together perfectly. The customer service of this manufacturer has been labeled as “top-notch” by the users. What else do we need to hear when all the reviewers are happy with the product, it’s about time that you go and grab your pieces of the lighting.

TORCHSTAR LED safe lighting kit

This product is my personal favorite and I would recommend using this as the rating of this product is 4.5 out of 5 and is in the top 10 Amazon best sellers list. Talking about the features of the lighting kit, it is not battery operated because as stated buy some frequent users, the battery-operated lights have somewhat dim lighting, and investing in something that does not fulfill its primary purpose is the last thing we would want.  What’s more interesting is that the installation can be done using the household tools that you use commonly for any electrical work, so that saves a lot of labor charge and adds up to the value for money of the product.


The product offers a permanent installation and supplies more powerful and long-lasting lighting as the LED used in this product is very powerful. If you have a big size gun safe, extensions of the lights can be added which comes with the packing and the additional bars can also be used elsewhere such as cabinets and closets. The switch of the light is a motion sensor that can sense motion from about 26 feet away and act accordingly. One can sit back, relax, and trust on the motion-sensing capabilities of this gun safe lighting as the sensor does not wear out that easily, it is made to last long. the lights can sense motion and then switch itself on when the vault is opened and then shuts down automatically within 4 minutes of no motion detection.

The manufacturers are TORCHSTAR and they are living up to their sole mission of providing energy-saving and power-saving lighting solutions, the products are foolproof and user friendly which is very clear by the features provided by the gun safes to promote easy installation. The plugs connect from end to end and can fir into any desired cabinet of any shape and size. The length of the bars is 39 inches and the model is of two switch types, manual and motion sensing (but I would recommend motion-sensing lights as they’re anyway more durable and easy to use than the manual ones). So do not wait for any further notice and add this product into the comparison cart (or the buy now cart perhaps if this piece of information was useful enough).

Illumisafe gun safe lights with motion sensors

 with a 4+ rating out of 5, we know why this lighting made it to the top three list in here as the light has a PIR motion sensor. The LED lens can be rotated for directional lighting inside the safe. It is motion-sensitive and the lights are switched on when the safe is opened and they’re switched off after the safe is closed. This is a battery operating device but the luminosity of the device is nowhere compromised and that’s what makes it different from other battery operating gun safe lights.


The batteries can be easily replaced. The light stays on for 60 seconds and then shuts down when no motion is detected. The back surface of the light (the surface that is used for attachment of the device with the safe) has magnets that attach itself with the walls of the safe. This safe works best on big gun safes which have a comparatively bigger size than that of a bedside nightstand safe. The LED lights rotate at a 180 degrees angle to give better illumination inside out.

The dimensions of the product are 3.5 * 2.5 * 0.75 inches and it uses 3 AAA batteries. What is very impressive about this product’s reviews is that after the battery-operated gun safe lightings were backlashed due to some of its obvious limitations, this product proved it’s mettle by providing a perfection into its features and it works as good as electricity operated gun safe lighting. One of the reviews stated that how a user’s gun safe was kept in the laundry room which was very dimly lit, and he had to use lamps to see into the safe, but that caused a lot of problems as the lamp created shadows due to which the user’s vision got affected.

He then came across this gun safe lighting which he thought would support is expenditure limits and would give an impressive performance. And when he bought the product, not a single regret followed with this decision. What the customers are happier about is the product does not need any extra installation work, all they have to do is unpack the product and stick it on the wall of the safe, rest of the work is all left upon the magnet that is present on the backside of the lighting. The white light of the lighting adds up to the aesthetic look of the safe as well as provides an easy work environment for the use and that is the reason it is one the “must buy” product of the year. Not only the gun safes but the product can be installed anywhere to minimize the darkness of the dimly lit area.

Xking dimmable LED

with the 4 out of 5 ratings in the market and making it to one of the top-selling gun safe lighting brands this product is remote control operated lighting which can be controlled using a remote which helps the user to control the intensity of light remotely. The lighting has 10 brightness levels and has a flashing mode which can be adjusted into 3 different modes namely, the flash mode, the strobe mode, and the fade mode. These different modes enable to set different lighting adjustments and it’s brightness levels as per the user’s preference.

Xking dimmable LED

The current type used for this lighting is DC and the voltage used by this light is 12V. These lightings are extremely safe to use, and each case contains a single LED. the wattage used per light is 2W and it’s operating voltage is 12VDC. The installation of this product is very hassle-free as it requires only 2 screws to fit into any space and it lights up the surrounding just fine. The durability of this product is very long and it is extremely environmentally friendly. The product saves energy and the product is made of an aluminum shell and the appearance is very catchy. Also, one can avoid the installation by screws if they can buy a 3M double-sided adhesive.

The product is very safe and it does not get hot and one does not need to worry if there are children around because this will not cause any harm. The beam angle at which the light falls on the materials is 120 degrees. This product is not only a perfect use for a gun safe but also for any cabinet that you wish to provide adequate lighting in. the weight of the item is 0.9 ounces (that’s not even a weight! It’s feather-light!) a total number of 6 lights per packing is provided which means that with all these lights you can use them in multiple surfaces and the remote has 24 keys. The brightness of this light is dimmable. The color temperature is 3000 Kelvin and the average life of the battery is 50,000 hours. The reviews of this product say that the installation was very easy and the brightness of the product is very impressive. One of the drawbacks of this product is that the cord is a bit loose. However, the LED lights of this product are of great quality and they are a perfect buy for your gun safe to light it up and increase its luminescence.

Mr beams wireless LED MB854

This is a wireless LED light that has motion sensors. The 4.2 out of 5 ratings explains the wide range of responses this product has and I’m here to do the research and say why. Starting with the brightness of this product, the light gives a brightness of about 35 lumens which is very impressive for wireless independently functioning LED lights. The light comes in a pack of 4 and each LED has the top-notch quality and it’s functioning is reliable. Hence, one thing I can say for sure is that the quality of the product is not compromised even by an inch.

Mr. Beams MB854

The power consumption of the product is very minimal and the light has the feature of motion sensing which is quite sophisticated for a wireless lighting system. The motion sensor and the sensitive light sensor allows the LED to glow only when there is inadequate lighting or the environment is dark and the light shuts automatically when there is no motion sensed for 20-60 seconds (the preferred to shut down timing can be set according to the user’s choice).

The slim shape of the lights helps them place anywhere and these work best as cabinet lightings. The lights work on 4 AA batteries and can easily slide from the mounting bracket it is almost about the size of your cell phone. The light coverage of one LED is about 10 square feet and they come with a warranty of 1 year. The product can fit even into tight spaces and can detect motion from 7 feet away. The average life of the batteries lasts up to a year with around 8-10 activation per day. This product with an intelligent LED is the newest addition int the daily of Mr beams. The product comes with a packing of 8 screws, 4 double-sided tapes for installation and the lights.

Lightkiwi T1228 modular LED

This is a premium kit for lighting your gun safe as it comes with 12 inches warm white light (which means no more light pricking your eyes and no more painful muscle twitching). The rating for this product is given around 4.7 out of 5 which is very impressive and we will see why. The light comes in a set of three and hence the lighting becomes more stronger and efficient in your gun safe. The wattage power supply of this lighting is around 12 W and has a 4-way splitter for modular LED lighting. The packing comes with 3 cables that can be interconnected, 3 modular collectors and 6 mounting brackets along with the screws. The product is available with three different sellers in Amazon but the product quality remains talk of the town. The power of the light is derived from Direct current. 

The wattage of the lowest range of the product is 9 Watt and it increases up to 15 Watt depending upon the type and product kit the users would choose. The product can be taken for multiple uses where bright white lights are needed. It can fit into any space and any closet or cabinet and a best suited for potentially large spaces. The installation process is easy and can be mounted using the tools one would use in their homes. The Power (on and off mechanism) can be easily controlled by the user and one can dim the lights using the dimmer switch. The product comes with an energy star certificate which means that it will save maximum energy and would cost a low electricity bill instead of just adding up to the value.

The manufacturer has put full faith in their product stating “you will see what you expected” and that is the confidence we want to see in the manufacturing unit of the product to ensure that the product we trust is worthy of it all.  The dimensions of the product are 12 *2 * 0.5 inches and the material used to design this product is made of aluminum. There is no requirement of an additional battery source for inducing power in the lighting as the electric current is more than sufficient to light up your bulb. The product comes with a manufacturer warranty and the voltage of the bulb is around 24 Volts. The customer has some amazing things to say about this product and some of the reviews that caught my eyes were the one in which a customer said that, it is one of the neatest and the simplest kit imaginable. The installation process was so easy, that it pleased the customers even further. Even the hidden installation was easy for the customers and they stated above how hassle-free it has been for them to use this product.

AMIR Motion sensor, cordless night light

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5, the super-bright, white-colored LED light bulb is one of the most efficient options for lighting up your gun safe. Imagine a situation where the town is experiencing a power cut and you need to take something out of the safe. But the drawbacks with the electricity-powered lighting are just that they function only when there’s adequate electricity, but here, in such a situation, you have to take some valuable thing or a firearm for your safety, and due to the darkness, your vision is affected. Well, the perfect solution to avoid and bid adieu to such a situation is that you use a cordless, battery-operated gun safe lighting system that would sense your motion although the whole environment around it is dark.

The super bright light of this LED helps in providing just the right amount of light that is needed to light up your safes or closets. The output of the LEDs is around 20 lumens and has a PIR motion detection system and a light sensor. The light is automatically switched on and senses motion from 10 feet away. The switch is automatically turned off after few seconds of inactivity (say in between 20-60 seconds). The prolonged battery life of this product is one of the major boons of this product as, mostly, the battery-run lights are somewhere not trusted by the users. Hence, the product which enhances the luminance, and the durability stays in the race. These lights have nowhere compromised with its looks and presentations and have proved its mettle with its spellbound performance too. The installation process of the product is very easy and can be done using either screw and normal tools that are present at your home or it can adhere to the walls of the gun safe or the cabinet using a powerful double-sided tape.

The design of the product is very portable (the circular shape of the product makes it easy to carry around anywhere in any bag without the fear of any damage). This product would surely make an ideal night light for your gun safe, bathroom, closets, or any place where there is no adequate lighting available. The users reviewed this product by stating that it drove out the darkness from the balcony that had been bothering the user’s family after they moved into their new house. The users also said that they were impressed by the strength and durability of the product as it sustained in heavy rains and snow pelting. However, one drawback of the product is that the sensors are disabled when an infrared heater is used. Talking about some more specifications about the product, the product uses a voltage of 1.5 V and the power used for the wattage is 0.3 W. The sensor of the product is sensitive for detecting motion from about 3 meters and it can also detect motion at an angle of 120 degrees. The operating temperature of the product is between 20° Celcius to 40° celsius. The operating hours for the LED is 50,000 hours. The mounting can also be done using tape or magnets. The overall diameter of the product is 3.15 inches and its thickness is about 0.87 inches.

Lightkiwi G3635 modular LED

This is one of the cheapest LED available in the market and one would not regret even if this gets dull after a few months (yes it is that cheap and easy to use). If you are someone who is looking for a short term commitment with a LED because you want just a device that can solve the purpose, for now, this is a perfect choice. This product by light kiwi has a PIR motion sensor system that turns the lights on instantly as it detects any movement.

The sensor automatically switches the lights off after 25 seconds of inactivity and the light will stay switched on till it detects some kind of motion. If the users want the device to light up even in a well-lit environment, they can easily block the light sensor and their job is done! However, the use of transparent stickers is strictly not recommended. The dimensions of the product are 12mm and the input voltage through DC is 12V to 24V depending on the model of the product bought. The direction for the sensory range of this LED is 120 degrees. The length of the cables for connection is 6.16 feet (including both male and female wire) and the operating temperature of the product is 20° Celcius to 40° celcius.

The color of the outer part of the product is matte black and the color of the LED is super bright white. The material is made of plastic and hence the durability is somewhat towards the higher side (given the fact that it is a great deal for a product worth USD 6). One packing contains only one LED set. One of the customers reviewed the product after use and stated that they were skeptical about using this product as it was so low cost, but after they used this, it took them to their utter shock about how efficiently the product is working. And some customers stated that after installing these lights in their kitchens, they have not switched on their actual kitchen lights.

LE LED cabinet lighting

As of now, we have well understood the fact that any lighting source like the ones we have been discussing for so long have multipurpose use and they are not only an efficient option for lighting up the gun safe but also helps in lighting up other places inside the dream casa of yours. Hence, coming on to the next product that has similar properties when it comes to describing the use of this lighting source. The LE LED cabinet lighting provides a perfect lighting solution for your gun safe as well as the places needing adequate lighting system as this product is rated with 4.6 stars out of 5 and again, I’m here to tell you why.

Each piece of light has a very sharp brightness level as they produce a light beam of 170 lumens. This means that the pack consists of 3 lighting pieces and the total brightness level provided by the whole pack is 510 lumens (which can light up not only your house but your lives too, because a bright environment does bring a positive change into people’s minds). The power is derived from an alternate current system which makes the use of this device utterly safe and one does not need to worry about receiving an electric shock due to any circuit malfunction (alternate currents rarely induces any sort of short circuit). the output current is of 12V which is the very normal voltage graph for a lighting beam that is so bright. The product helps in saving 90% of the power and the wattage of the bulbs are 6 Watt.

The versatility of the product has been discussed above and the materials that come with the packing is everything one would need to mount the lights and use them as they rest assured about the safety features of the lights. The [acking includes 3 LED puck lights, a power adapter that has a switch, a mounting hub, and six screws to install and attach it to the desired walls. The height of the product is 7.1 centimeters and the width is 10.2 centimeters. The diameter of the item is 2.36 inches. The total volt output is 110V and the material with which this material is crafted is aluminum and plastic (these metal and PVC alloys extend the durability of the product and also helps in protecting the lights even in harsh environment conditions). This lighting is not dimmable and it is shock and vibration resistant. The light has motion sensors that instantly switches on when any motion is detected by the sensors. The installation can be done using screws as mentioned above. And the average life of the bulb is 50,000 hours.

The customers have said three things about the product for sure and that is, they found it extremely easy to install, the product was safe to use and it was inexpensive. They also said that the down lighting of the product made it easier to locate their valuables inside their cabinets. And hence I would say that this is a very perfect purchase for those who are looking for something durable in low-cost investments. Also, before concluding my summary of this product, I would like to add this point that the lights can be installed using magnets too! 

Kichler 12066WH27 LED lights

With a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, this light comes with a coupon that helps in saving money while you purchase one of the best products that are available in the market. This product is also available in finishes like bronze, stainless steel, and white. So while you choose for your most suited finishing color, you might be a bit relieved to know that the installation of this lighting is easy to do.

The product is most suitable for dry locations and the item weighs around 1.75 pounds. And the size of the item is 12.75 inches and is best suited for indoor uses only. The product is operated by direct current hence it does not need any sort of batteries for operation.

The reviews of the customer state that they would recommend this product especially because of its easy and hassle-free use and the fact that it can be installed even by any non-licensed electrician. Also, the buyers were extremely happy about the durability of the LED bulbs and the low cost of the material which unlike the usual cheap lights, do not break down after a few days.

So, as we discussed above some of the best lighting solutions for your gun safe, the prime purpose was to ensure the safety of you along with your firearms. Now, as i said above, that what if, it’s a dark surrounding and you go and search for your firearm inside your gun safe and something goes wrong ( situations, when you might push the trigger or your hand, is stuck in the barrel) just because you had inadequate lighting and your vision was not clear. Hence, all i would like to say is save yourself from such unnecessary hazards and do yourself a favor. Get one of these gun safe lightings because who would not like an aesthetic looking house with the finest of the details.

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