10 Best Bedside Nightstand Gun Safes

We live in a world filled with crimes and criminals, and hence, one’s safety is entirely in their very own hands. Even though one can be physically strong and can protect themselves, but sometimes, a distant attack/defense becomes a necessity. Moreover, how many times have you come across a burglar or a thief who was scared because the person in front of him was physically strong? Gone are those simpler days my friend. With the advancement in technology, the crime strategy and the modus operandi of the criminals have advanced too. plus, everyone has something in life that is precious to them, and what could be more precious than your own family? What would be more important than their safety? Hence, a very safe option for one person to maintain their own safety is by owning a firearm. Having a rifle with big barrels however are not suggested, yet getting a license for a pistol or a handgun can be arranged for safety purposes. 

gunsafe info

However, owning any firearm is no joke, especially when there are kids in and around the house. Children have a strong sense of curiosity and hence, it’s likely for them to be curious about why is there a gun in their house. Now, curiosity is not a bad thing but in the case of firearms, if the safety measures are not maintained, an unwanted hazard may take place. Then how do we find a solution to such an issue? We can always keep such things out of their reach. How? There are numerous gun safes available in the market nowadays. Ranging from storing your Glock pistols to keeping the long barrel rifles.

NameGun CapacityLocking MechanismFire RatingTamper ResistantBatteries RequiredLink
Biometric fingerprint safe by Barska (AX11224 Safe)1BiometricYesYesYesLink
Biometric fingerprint safe by Barska (AX12400 Safe)1BiometricYesYesYesLink
Vaultek VT10 Biometric smart handgun pistol safe1KeypadYesYesYesLink
The Fort Knox (FTK PB4) handgun safe2BiometricNoYesYesLink
Sentrysafe QAP1BE safe1KeypadYesYesYesLink
Vaultek MX series1BiometricYesYesYesLink
V-line 2597-S2KeypadYesYesYesLink
Vaultek VT 20i safe1BiometricYesYesYesLink
Vaultek VTi2BiometricYesYesYesLink
Gunvault’s speedvault2KeypadYesYesYesLink

As we stated above, that to own a firearm, one must understand the gravity of the equipment and handle it with the utmost security. By this, i mean that firearms or guns should be cardinally protected from any kind of theft, damage, and prevent its use from any unauthorized person.

Hence, gun safes are a perfect solution to keep your arms and ammunitions safe.

 So, before we start to discuss some of the best options for gun safes that might fit right on your bedside nightstand, we might as well understand that these come in varied types. Here is a small list of the types of gun safes you might want to look into and choose which safe suits you. Before that,

Gunsafe’s most important quality is it’s locking technique. In order to own a reliable safe, one must ensure that the locking system of the safe strong, reliable, and secure. So, let us first discuss the gun safes based on their lock system.

Bio-metric Gun Safe

Gun safes using biometrics is the topmost trending safe in today’s times. This safe has a scanner at one of the corners of the safe in which one has to scan their fingerprint. The safe would give access only if you are an authorized user and hence, this property of the safe prevents the gun from any unauthorized person.

Wheel & Pin

The second type of gun safe that was and even now, is very popular are the wheel and pin gun safes. These have a wheel either in the middle or the corner. This is a very traditional security system in which one has to put a combination of 3-4 numbers as a passcode. Whenever there is a need to open the safe, the user can enter the passcode by rotating the wheel. However, it’s one drawback that has been reported is that the wheel sometimes skips entering the recorded number from the passcode when the numbers are closely situated and also, it is a bit time taking to open this safe.


 The electronic gun safe is the next in line which works a wee bit similar to the wheel and pin safe, it works by the method of passcode protection. Unlike the wheen and pin, the electronic gun safe uses a keypad and has a digital screen on its top surface. One can enter the passcode they’ve set and access the safe. The biggest perk of this safe is that it can be programmed time and again if the user suspects that the passcode is known to someone else.

Lock & Key

Another very traditional safe would be the lock and key gun safe ( however it is not very reliable in today’s times to open a lock especially when one knows where the keys are, and it is extremely a big responsibility for the owner of the firearm to roam around with the key of a safe in their pockets all the time)

These were few of the most widely used gun safes based on their locking system, furthermore, there are many more types of locks that a safe may have but these are some of the trending safes that are available in the market and for some ver affordable and minimal price. There are many safes that are fireproof in nature as well as waterproof, these gun safes need incredibly high temperature in order to penetrate the layers of the safe and destroy your firearm or a massive flood to affect the safe. Hence, these are the second types of features that are extremely important for gun safe.

The gun safe you wish to buy also depends on your preference in the size of the gun. If you have 2-3 handguns, a small vault is a good option, for big barrel guns, a comparatively large vault would be needed. The preference of your gun safe would also depend on the preference of your installation place be it a vehicle or inside your home’s closet.

Locks, however, are one of the most important features to discuss but our main concern is the place where we wish to keep our safe, its the nightstand. Nightstand gun safes are usually small in size, the ones that can fir right inside the drawer of your bedside nightstand. They are usually used for small firearms such as pistols, These safes are flexible in a unique way because they can usually fit anywhere, be it a car or a closet. They have a very sleek design that contributes to its flexibility of storage. Furthermore, the most important thing about these bedside nightstand gun safes is that in any unfortunate vent like burglary or theft, one does not have to run around the house in order find their gun, it would be right beside them and with the right choice of the type of lock in your safe, you can get access to your firearm to the soonest possible time.

Now, it’s about time that we discuss some safes and it’s features that would best suit you according to your usage, here is a list of 10 best bedside nightstand gun safe that might come handy to you with some of the best features incorporated into it.

Biometric Fingerprint Safe by Barska (AX11224 Safe)

AX11224 Safe

Barska builds this safe with the belief that “no one but you touches your own safe” and hence this gun safe has a security lock system that uses a fingerprint to gain access into the safe. The plus points of this very safe are that it does not need you to input any passcodes or demands you to carry any key. It is a complete unburdened safe which can store up to 30 fingerprints ( temporary or permanent) and you get to choose that. Also, you can store not only the firearms but materials ranging from cash, jewelry, medicine, important documents, and much more. The design of this safe is very compact as discussed and you can hide it anywhere. What’s more, to it is, it has two back-up keys just in case there is any fault in the biometric pad. It operates on batteries which can be changed when needed.

Biometric Fingerprint Safe by Barska (AX12400 Safe)

AX12400 Safe

Another product by Barska which ensures complete security of the safe and your gun, this safe is extremely suited for Glock pistols. This safe, unlike any other safe, does not have any digital keypads. This means that no more remembering passcodes! Also, it comes with pre-drilled holes that can be utilized for mounting on the walls. The features include steel locking bolts, silent access to the safe (i.e, does not make any noise while opening and closing), this too operates on batteries and has a protective floor mat in order to avoid any permanent scratches on the place you wish to locate your nightstand. This safe has two back up keys as an extra feature and the safe weighs as minimal as 12lbs. The dimensions of the safe are such that they can fir anywhere in the house or even in your car. It can recognize up to 30 fingerprints.

Vaultek VT10 Biometric Smart Handgun Pistol Safe

vaultek vt10i
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It is a very lightweight safe with foam mat inside it, just in case the vault drops, the material inside it will not be damaged. It can fit any Glock pistol and other materials like jewelry, documents. The interesting part about this safe is that it can fit into places as small as the glove compartment that your car has, which means that, it can fit into any place in your house and can hide very efficiently from prying eyes. The material that the vault is made of is steel, and it has been molded in such a way that the safe does not get corroded by water unless there is an extreme flood around you and the safe is dropped in the water for quite some considerable amount of time. This safe can house up to 20 fingerprints and what’s a boon to this biometrics system is that it can read your fingerprints from any direction, which brings it to its usage flexibility to its apex. Similar to the other two mentioned above, this vault comes with two back up keys, because, just in case something happens, the materials inside the safe can be recovered. The safe has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which lasts up to three months which makes the vault’s maintenance very minimal and cost-effective.

 The Fort Knox (FTK PB4) Handgun Safe

This safe is big enough for a handgun and has a foam mattress to avoid any sorts of damage to your firearm from the inside of the safe. This safe is subjected to be the “ultimate man box” because it can store another vault inside it. The powder-coated exterior allows you to use the vault flexibly by storing it anywhere, from your car to the closet to even beside you on your nightstand. These vaults come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer which portrays the confidence one can keep on these vault’s design and engineering. Again, it is a multifunctional safe that fits anywhere as stated and is 4 inches thick. This safe is perfect storage for a handgun.

Sentrysafe QAP1BE Safe

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This vault is made on the belief that locking your firearm should be your prime security management task and hence this ensures that your gun is properly secured with quick and reliable access to the firearm to it’s authorized owners. With its solid steel construction and single-handed at the ready presentation, this safe offers convenient three ways to access the biometric fingerprint scanner, the, and electronic keypad, and the override key access. It can store the fingerprint of two users making it even more reliable for security purposes. The silent lock process adds up to its aesthetic value.  These are a leading safe for tactical firearm storage.

Vaultek MX Series  

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This vault is 1,287 in and has an adjustable shelf, has a non-reactive foam with twin pistol rack. It also has a digital LCD screen that helps you in the easy management of your safe. The door of the vault comes with dual anti-impact latches which save the vault from any sort of heavy blow. The vault comes with all the three access features that are, the biometric fingerprint, the lock, and key mechanism as well as the back lit keypad. Additional to this, the vault has a smart key entry in which there is a remote through which the vault can be controlled from a distance, and it has a phone management system in which the vault’s management and activities can be subjected to a close vigilance from your phone. This means that even if you are away from your home, you can keep a close watch on your vault which adds up to the ultimate security feature of the vault.

V-line 2597-S 

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This is a very compact safe which mechanical locks. This means that it gives very quick and easy access to the safe without any batteries or keys.  They weigh about 25 pounds and are ultimate in terms of heft. The insides of the vault are foam carpeted which shuns the damage of the firearms due to its insides. It has the capacity to store at least two full-sized pistols and has four pre-drilled holes for easy mounting of the vault. The vault has protruded dial keys which needs just a particular pattern on the keys to open( for eg, push the first and the fifth key together, and then push the second key) and can store more than just your firearms, hence, if you work in a store, voila! Both your firearm and your cash are safe from the hands of the burglar.

Vaultek VT 20i Safe  

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This compact safe comes with a backlit numeric keypad as well as a biometric scanner. The vault can be accessed through your smartphones too! Which means you will have access to your vault from a distance. The vault also offers a high strength steel cable which prevents the vault from misplacing or lifting from its place. This physical security feature helps the vault to stay in one place where you can gain easy access to it. The door lock has a 2 point anti-impact latches and is a multifunctional vault as the others. The safe can house up to 2-3 fingerprints which gives only a few people the authority to use the safe and hence the tight security system makes this vault even more reliable.

Vaultek VTi

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As a common feature of the vaultek, this too has all the three access features namely the backlit numeric keypad the fingerprint scanner as well as the key access. It also comes with a smart key for remote control and an impact detection monitor. This detects any sort of impact on the vault and triggers alarm. This security feature has made this very model one of the leading vaults as it is compact and highly secure. It works on rechargeable batteries which makes it very cost-effective. This impact detection monitor is present on the extreme left corner of the vault which is sensitive to any minor impact. The safe has closed-cell padding, this cell padding prevents moisture from entering the interior of the vault hence it helps in saving the firearm or any material that is kept inside the safe. the battery is made up of lithium-ion that lasts up to three months. The strength of this vault is everlasting strength of the vault is maintained due to the 12 gauge steel and anti-pry bars. The interior hinges help in a silent functioning of the vault, which means, no more unnecessary screechy noise while opening or closing the vault.

Gunvault’s Speedvault

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This is a vault that is pocket friendly for a user as it is comparatively cheaper than the other vaults. Because of the angle of the speed vault, it acts as a front runner for mounting under a  nightstand or a desk, and the access is somewhere in the two second range i.e the vault has keypads through which one can gain access to it. The safe has two compartments purely built and designed for storing pistols (like 1911 or Glocks) and has some space for the magazines of the pistols too. The vault is highly suitable for any kinds of handguns. Though we generally feel that electronic locks cannot be as safe and as reliable as the mechanical simplex locks, but the beeping noise of the keys are claimed to be there for security purpose, just in case someone else is trying to use the vault other than you, you’ll know. Yet, the noise can be silenced by keeping the vault into the stealth mode. The vault is made up of very thick layers of steel and gave very tight fittings. The mechanical keys have over 12 million combinations, which means, even if someone’s smart enough to crack the codes, 12 million would be a lot of work. However, it has key access too just in case one forgets the combination, they can always rely on the key. This very safe comes in other shapes and sides according to your storage needs.

So, here were some of the best nightstand gun safe which can fit right by your bedside. All you have to do is look for some really reliable and tough security features and then see parameres like

  • Is my vault fireproof?
  • Is my vault waterproof?
  • Can it break easily?
  • Will a tough impact leave my vault shattered into pieces?
  • Can it protect my firearm as well as the other things kept in the vault?
  • Is it a pocket friendly and reliable decision to have the vault I’m planning to have?

Once all these basic questions are answered, do not think twice, do yourself a favor and buy a vault not because they’re a very good place to store your firearms but it can keep everything safe once you put things inside the vault also, we hold dear to us, so many things in life that are of a secondary or of no importance to others, hence, we can always keep these valuables in the safe vaults and cherish them for a long time. Additionally, understanding which type of vault you need will ensure the investing in a gun safe that would satisfy your needs.

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